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Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I’m proud of the record that’s documented here, and I need your help on March 1st to continue our fight for fair utility rates.' It's time to have new leadership and bring creditability back to the Alabama Public Service Commission. The question you need to ask yourself, do you want a Commissioner with a record of standing up for the ratepayers or one that looks out for the interest of the Utility Companies?

During my term in office I worked to streamline the commission to save the taxpayers money and keep rates low. I was on top of EPA regulations from the start. I was the first Commissioner to meet with the Attorney General in 2011 concerning the potential impact on utility rates of the EPA’s air quality rules.

My plan, if elected, is to create a special rate plan based on usage to help small businesses and to ensure household rates are more affordable. My first priority is to revisit the rate increase given to Alabama Power the first PSC meeting after my departure.

I pushed for Alabama Power to convert to natural gas which is more economical instead of using only coal; this is why you are seeing a refund due to cheaper fuel cost. I was looking out for the ratepayers while Twinkle was looking out for her big coal donors.

Twinkle caught in deceitful act :

On Dec. 1, 2015, with no public hearing, no public information and no discussion, the PSC, led by President Twinkle Cavanaugh, declared a "rate cut" that will see Alabama Power collect $120 million less in energy cost recovery next year. In a press release, the commissioners congratulated themselves by saying that the PSC "found a way to reduce rates for Alabama Power customers". This was nothing more than a deceitful act and an insult to the intelligence of the ratepayers of Alabama. They made no mention of the fact that the lower energy cost rates will return money that already belongs to customers. Twinkle Cavanaugh intentionally tried to hide the fact that as of November 2015, $146 million in fuel costs had been over collected from ratepayers by Alabama Power and is legally required to be refunded to customers.

The Energy Cost Recovery Report that has been available for public view for years was removed months ago from the monthly report in order for Cavanaugh to pull off this scheme. This was nothing more than a way to hide the truth of where the money actually came from, which was you the ratepayers.

Our work isn’t done. Please help me keep up the fight for customers by voting for me on March 1st.


True transparency of the Public Service Commission is a deterrent to any further rate increases and business continuing to be conducted under the radar of the public.

Public Service Commission allows 5% rate increase although profits are already the highest in the nation.

Advanced Energy Perspectives (AEE’s) Power Portal database which tracks ROE (profit) for over 100 investor-owned utilities across the country, states the highest allowed ROE belongs to Alabama Power Co., at 13.75% when the average is 10%. Alabama Power has a significantly higher return on equity than any other utility, which has led critics to wonder whether the Alabama Public Service Commission is properly balancing the interests of consumers and shareholders. Terry Dunn was the first and only PSC commissioner in more than 35 years to try to bring the company’s allowed profits down to something closer to the national average which would have resulted in the rates being reduced.

Ratepayers Deceived

Terry Dunn knew when he called for the formal rate hearings, to ensure the Rate Stabilization and Equalization formula was fair to ratepayers, it would cost him his re-election but Dunn knew the truth would eventually come out.

The informal proceedings Twinkle called for were lacking in the analysis and transparency for which Dunn had advocated. After the informal rate proceedings, the electric utility formula was altered which allowed the same or greater return on equity (profit) the company enjoyed prior to the proceedings. PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh mislead the ratepayers into believing that the new rate formula (Weighted Cost Method) would lower Alabama Power customers' rates and that Dunn was against the Rate Stabilization and Equalization plan which were both lies.

The people now see that all the lies told about Dunn were a ploy to unseat him and ensure Alabama Power received a 5% rate hike which Dunn forewarned the people of Alabama and fought against during his term in office.

After incorrectly labeling Dunn as an environmentalist, she has now approved solar energy projects for Alabama Power supporting Obama’s Renewable Energy Plan.

"Certainly, the incumbent is a fine person. That is not the issue. Dunn was a strong voice for Alabama consumers on the PSC. The FIRST meeting of the PSC after Terry Dunn's departure, Alabama Power rates were increased. If Dunn’s defense of consumers is liberal, then God bless liberals" Dr. John Killian Sr. - Former President of Al. Baptist State Convention - ALGOP Chaplin

During my term in office:

  • Fighting for the first formal rate hearings in more than 30 years. Dunn continues to push for full, open evidentiary hearings in which utility executives are required to testify under oath, ensuring the Rate Stabilization and Equalization formula is fair to ratepayers.

  • Dunn's package of special incentive rates for small business saved midsize Alabama companies well over $1 million in the first year alone.

  • Dunn is the only Commissioner who pushed for termination of a PSC division director cited by the Ethics Commission for using a state cell phone to conduct a sideline business.

  • Facilitated the successful contract negotiations between Alabama Power and Goodyear's plant in Gadsden, protecting hundreds of well-paying jobs.

  • Fighting over-regulation by Obama's Environmental Protection Agency, consistently and without exception ensuring that coal remains in the mix to generate electricity.

  • Dunn met with State Attorney General to discuss the potential impact on electricity rates - and the Alabama economy- of the new "Cross-State Air Pollution Rule" to prevent these regulations from causing electricity prices to increase. Published July 14, 2011

  • Dunn discovered and made public nearly $245 million in aggregate losses on Alagasco's hedging of natural gas purchases since 2003, leading to reform of the PSC's policies on hedging practices.

  • A solid Republican who shares your values, Dunn was the first statewide elected official endorsed by Conservative Christians of Alabama in the 2014 election campaign.

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