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Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I’m proud of the record that’s documented here, and I need your help on July 15th to continue our fight for fair utility rates.

Even before my election to the Alabama Public Service Commission in 2010, it was apparent to me that the PSC’s relationship with the monopolies it regulates is too cozy. That’s why I pushed hard for the first formal rate hearings in more than 30 years. My fellow commissioners rejected that common-sense proposal, and groups backed by the utilities began attacking me for even suggesting such a thing.

Unable to make a reasoned argument against formal hearings, these groups have tried to link me to "Obama’s EPA" and environmentalists’ efforts to shut down coal plants. The people of Alabama are seeing through those lies, which are designed to get rid of the one Commissioner who’s fighting to bring down your electricity and gas bills. I fully support the use of coal when it produces the lowest rates and reliable service.

In a recent poll, when customers of Alabama’s regulated monopolies were asked who they trusted to look after consumers’ interests, the overwhelming response was "Terry Dunn."

Our work isn’t done. Please help me keep up the fight for customers by voting for Terry Dunn in the Republican run-off on July 15th.


"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

  • Fighting for the first formal rate hearings in more than 30 years. Dunn continues to push for full, open evidentiary hearings in which utility executives are required to testify under oath, ensuring the Rate Stabilization and Equalization formula is fair to ratepayers.

  • Dunn's package of special incentive rates for small business saved midsize Alabama companies well over $1 million in the first year alone.

  • Dunn is the only Commissioner who pushed for termination of a PSC division director cited by the Ethics Commission for using a state cell phone to conduct a sideline business.

  • Facilitated the successful contract negotiations between Alabama Power and Goodyear's plant in Gadsden, protecting hundreds of well-paying jobs.

  • Fighting over-regulation by Obama's Environmental Protection Agency, consistently and without exception ensuring that coal remains in the mix to generate electricity.

  • Dunn met with State Attorney General to discuss the potential impact on electricity rates - and the Alabama economy- of the new "Cross-State Air Pollution Rule" to prevent these regulations from causing electricity prices to increase. Published July 14, 2011

  • Dunn discovered and made public nearly $245 million in aggregate losses on Alagasco's hedging of natural gas purchases since 2003, leading to reform of the PSC's policies on hedging practices.

  • A solid Republican who shares your values, Dunn was the first statewide elected official endorsed by Conservative Christians of Alabama in the 2014 election campaign.